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At Gulf Coast Contractors we perform all phases of construction and remodeling related to fire, smoke, flood and mold mitigation and rebuild. 

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Insurance Restoration and Mitigation 

"Putting you and your home back together"

Fire, Flood, Windstorm, Mold, Hail and Water Damage to your home or business can be a traumatic and stressful situation.  If you find yourself dealing with any of these situations, call in a professional who will take some of the burden away from dealing with your property so you can focus on what is really important- your family and life.

Damages to your home or business can be repaired if proper steps are taken to prevent further damage and all the damage is properly identified. 

Don't trust your home or business and possibly your health to someone who wants large sums of money up front.  Don't sign any contracts with anyone until you are certain that all the damages have been inspected and agreed to be paid for by the insurance company.  Often, contractors will force you into a contract and then try to charge you for things they had to do but the insurance company did not include on the summary because they are inexperienced at claims and just don't understand insurance claims like we do.  Save yourself a lot of stress by calling us first.  We don't pressure you into contracts and we will work with you for as long as it takes to put your home, business and life back to normal again. 

Step 1

Call your insurance company and file a claim as soon as possible to speed up the process.  We can help with emergency and temporary repairs until insurance money is available to make permanent repairs.  Do not make any permanent repairs. The insurance adjuster needs to see all the damages in order to document it and pay for it as it applies to your policy.

The claims office may ask you to start getting bids. You don't need 3 bids like some insurance companies tell you. You need only one- from a contractor who knows how to repair damaged structures correctly and how to work with insurance claims offices and their repair process. Your insurance company may also "recommend" a contractor. You don't need them either. You need a contractor on YOUR side- not one on THEIRS! Getting multiple bids only adds further confusion to a confusing situation. If you get multiple bids, they will all be different- not because of price but because of the differences in the scope of work to be performed. Some contractors don't know how to bid insurance work. Some contractors will under bid just to try and get the job and then hit you with all the "well we did not account for this or that" Why take off work to meet with multiple contractors? Take off once for the adjuster meeting and call us so we can be there too and get everything addressed in ONE visit. Everything else can be addressed by email and phone calls to your adjuster.

Step 2

After your insurance adjuster has contacted you with the date they will assess your property- call us so we can send one of our project managers to walk through with the adjuster. In most cases we have found the insurance company only offered 40-50% of the cost to repair the house properly when a qualified contractor was not present.  Unfortunately, some adjusters have never built, remodeled or repaired anything and don't understand all the steps involved with repairing a home. They only have rules of thumb and loss scoping techniques they learned from the insurance carriers or training classes.  They will often overlook necessary or supporting repairs due to lack of experience and time constraints.  It usually takes an hour at a minimum to properly assess damages to your home or business but we have seen dozens of cases where the adjusters were in and out of a property in 20 minutes. Most adjusters are professional and ready to help but if you get an inexperienced adjuster it can cause additional frustration for you throughout the process.

We have the experience and know how to get your claim valued properly and for the true cost of repairs. We will point out all the damages and explain everything we need to make the necessary repairs before the adjuster leaves your property. We use the same software and cost book that the insurance companies use.

Step 3

Within a few days after the adjuster visit, you should receive an adjuster summary that outlines all the repairs the insurance company has authorized.  This is only a preliminary cost to repair.  Once you have the adjuster summary call us so we can review it for accuracy and cost of repairs.  If anything is missing that was discussed as needing repair we can work with the claims office to get it reviewed and corrected where necessary.  

Step 4

Once all the work needed has been identified and paid for by the insurance company you can begin the repair process.  The only cost to you will be the deductible as stated on your policy.  You will never be at risk of paying anything above the deductible amount for covered repairs.  Gulf Coast Contractors has been representing home and business owners since 1995. Let us put you and your home back together.

Why use us?

As general contractors and home builders we have a unique knowledge of how to properly repair and replace damaged property. Insurance companies allow a contractors' overhead and profit on repairs to cover our costs at their expense- not yours.  When using our services, you will not pay for any covered repairs out of pocket outside of deductible and depreciation that are listed on the insurance adjuster summary.  We often hear "that the insurance company did not pay us enough to get it all fixed" or "not enough to cover what it was going to cost". Don't let the insurance company close your claim for a discount at your expense. Get the money you need to cover all required repairs by calling us. Don't waste your time with drying companies that will do demo and drying and then leave you to find a contractor to fix it all back. We peform every step from drying to paint and flooring. One call, one contractor, one solution.

One of our customers recently had a $16,000 initial claim after the first adjuster came out. We met with 3 more adjusters and the insurance company covered all the damages we pointed out and replaced the roof after the first 3 adjusters all said no. The final adjuster summary was over $54,000 in covered losses. It took 4 adjuster visits and dozens of phone calls to get them to do the right thing.  Let us deal with the frustrations and insurance company for you. 

There is no magic formula- just patience, common sense and persistence. If it was damaged by a covered peril and we can document it, the insurance company is responsible to cover the loss and pay you for the damages.

Let us work for you to get your property back the way it should be.

Recently Completed Insurance Jobs.

Location Damage Initial Summary Final Summary
Deer Park Overflowing Toilet $8124.29 $12029.44
League City Overflowing Upstairs Toilet $11493.47 $25487.20
Pearland AC leak $9014.58 $14547.90
Pearland Roof $1847.26 $13487.41
Pearland Roof $0 $12554.79
Pearland Roof $615.02 $9877.17
Pearland Interior repairs 9147.22 16584.36
Katy Burst water heater 9834.80 22,045.76
Pearland AC leak 3439.08 6205.92
Pearland Toilet leak 6344.99 11881.22

We have rehabilitated over 100 insured properties and not once was the initial adjuster summary properly calculated to restore the property to its pre loss condition.

If you have an insurance related claim, you owe it to yourself to call us and get a review.  Public adjusters and attorneys can also help you get your claim settled fairly but they usually charge a percentage or  fee. Those charges usually are thousands of dollars. We usually obtain great results without the added fees. We are not adjusters or attorneys and you should consult one if you feel you have a legitimate claim that requires legal assitance. We do not provide legal or insurance advice and you should seek competent counsel when necessary.

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